Garratt lounging in the garden

Sunday 04 April – Pâques, pipes, pits & plants (& Presidential pronouncements!)

Last week’s blog ended saying that we were due to have amazing weather which would allow us to continue with outdoor work.  We have enjoyed a couple of days of fabulous sunshine and warmth which has allowed us to focus on 2 things – the garden and plants – while also enjoying some time off.…

Blyckert Magnolia planted in view of Hayloft

Sunday 28 March – Magnolificence

Last week’s blog said that I had spent most of the previous 7 days rebuilding the front talus and that I needed another couple of days to complete the job.  Do you see where this might be going …?! It also showed an image of a number of new plants we had bought to add…

Demolishing the damaged talus alongside Hent Gorreker

Sunday 21 March – Stone Ages

I didn’t post a blog last week as the previous 7 days had not been the most productive.  The blog I did post on 7th March ended with me saying that the forecast was predicting a period of stormy weather that would dictate what I managed to achieve.  As it turned out, there were a…

Pontusval lighthouse, Finistère

Sunday 07 March – Marching forward

Where did that week go?!  Time seems to take on an odd form at Kergudon.  Guests often comment on how time passes at a slow, leisurely pace when they are relaxing and enjoying there time here.  For us, we seem to already be hurtling through the year and the weeks are passing quicker and quicker!…

Réservoir de Saint-Michel from the Monts D'Arrée

Sunday 28 February – Spring has Sprung

Since last week’s blog the focus has been on continuing the garage clearout and preparing gîtes for guests. We continue to be encouraged by the number of guests who are joining us for a spring getaway as last week Priory and Hayloft were occupied and they remain so for another week with Granary having guests…

Beast from the east 2021 making the area look pretty

Sunday 21 February – Thawing Out

Summary of our activities and progress at Kergudon Gites over the last 2, cold, weeks.

Garratt and Brandon at Arthur's Camp in the Huelgoat forest

Sunday 07 February – Next of Kin – dling

Last week’s blog said that I had been spending hours splitting the vast amounts of waste wood that have been accumulating in our garage bays as a result of all of our projects.  This had the advantage of clearing the garage while keeping me dry and not churning up the lawn too much transporting the…

Sorting through the large amounts of wood in the garage bays

Sunday 31st January – Kindling in the rain, just kindling in the rain

For the last week both I, and the weather, have been predominantly doing one thing.  For me it has been to continue clearing the garage bays.  For the weather it is raining, almost constantly. There had been a few wet weeks prior to Christmas when we felt that there was more standing water on the…

Garage central bays have become a bit of a dumping ground

Sunday 24 January – Chaos, Clutter, Clear and Clean

Last week’s blog said that after a slow start to the year we planned to kick back into action with our extensive work list this week.  And we have. The first tasks have been to do some of the essential things required before we can actually move onto the projects themselves and that is sorting…